Animal life cycle worksheet

Animal life cycle worksheet.

The life cycle of an animal refers to the series of stages that an individual organism goes through from birth or hatching to reproduction and, ultimately, death. While the specific details of an animal’s life cycle can vary greatly depending on the species, there are some common stages that many animals go through. These stages are:

Birth or Hatching:

Most animals start their life cycle as a baby or juvenile. They are born from their parent(s) or hatch from eggs. In some cases, animals may undergo development inside an egg before hatching.

Animal life cycle worksheet

Growth and Development:

After birth or hatching, animals typically go through a period of growth and development. They may need to consume food and gain energy to support their growth. During this stage, they often undergo physical and behavioral changes.


As animals continue to grow and develop, they eventually reach a stage of maturation. This is when they become sexually mature and are capable of reproducing. The age at which this occurs varies widely among species.


Once an animal has reached maturity, it can reproduce by mating with a member of the opposite sex. This can lead to the production of offspring, whether through live birth or egg-laying, depending on the species.

Parental Care:

Some species provide care and protection to their offspring, while others do not. Parental care can include providing food, shelter, and protection from predators. The level of care can vary significantly among different animal species.


Like all living organisms, animals age over time. Aging is a natural part of the life cycle and is often associated with a decline in physical abilities and, eventually, death.


The final stage of an animal’s life cycle is death. This can occur for various reasons, including old age, disease, predation, or environmental factors. The timing and circumstances of an animal’s death can vary greatly.

It’s important to note that the specifics of the Animal life cycle worksheet can vary widely between different species. Some animals have relatively simple life cycles, while others have more complex life histories with multiple stages and phases. Additionally, the duration of each stage can vary greatly, from a matter of days or weeks to several years or even decades, depending on the species