light rays for kids worksheet.

light rays for kids worksheet.

Light rays are beams of light that travel through space. They are like invisible lines made of light that move in straight paths. Imagine them as lines of light shooting out from a flashlight or the sun. These rays carry light energy, and they help us see things around us.Click here free pdf download light rays for kids worksheet.0016 1

Here are some simple things to know about light rays for kids:

Light Travels in Straight Lines:

Light rays always move in straight lines unless something gets in their way, like a mirror or a piece of glass.


When light rays bounce off a surface, we call it reflection. For example, when you see your face in a mirror, the light from your face bounces off the mirror and into your eyes.


Sometimes, when light passes through things like water or glass, it bends a little. This bending of light is called refraction. It’s why a pencil in a glass of water looks like it’s bent.


When something blocks light rays, it creates a shadow. Shadows are the dark areas that you see on the ground when you stand in the sunlight. Your body blocks the light rays, and that’s why you cast a shadow.


Light is made up of different colors. When light passes through a prism (a special kind of glass), it spreads out into all the colors of the rainbow, creating a beautiful spectrum.

Speed of Light:

Light travels incredibly fast. It can go around the Earth about 7.5 times in just one second!


The sun is a giant ball of hot, glowing gases, and it sends out lots of light rays. That’s why we have daytime on Earth when the sun is shining.


Stars are like faraway suns that also send out light rays. When you look at the night sky and see twinkling stars, you’re actually seeing the light from those stars.

So, light rays are like the paths that light takes when it moves around. They help us see things, create shadows, and even make rainbows when they pass through something like a prism. Studying light and how it behaves is a fascinating area of science!light rays for kids pdf download .