One more than number worksheets

What are the One more than number worksheets

One More Than Number Worksheets are a fantastic resource to introduce young learners to the concept of addition and help them build a solid foundation in mathematics. These worksheets focus on the simple but essential skill of adding one more to a given number.

Simple Blue Addition and Subtraction Mental Arithmetic Maths Worksheet 1 3 pdf

Easy-to-Understand Instructions

Each worksheet provides clear and straightforward instructions, ensuring that both children and parents can use them with ease.

Visual Learning

These one more than number worksheets incorporate visual aids and appealing graphics to engage young minds and facilitate a better understanding of the concept.

1 mental math1. plus one two three fact 2 pdf

Sequential Learning

The worksheets are thoughtfully organized in a sequential manner, starting with basic counting and progressively moving towards more complex addition, allowing children to grasp the concept step by step.

Abundant Practice

Practice is essential for mastering any skill. Our worksheets offer numerous opportunities for practice to help reinforce the concept of adding one more effectively.

1 mental math2. subtraction by counting back 1 pdf

Variety of Themes

Children will explore various themes, such as animals, shapes, and everyday objects, as they practice adding one more, making learning both fun and relatable.

Printable and Digital Options

We provide both printable and digital versions of our worksheets, making them adaptable to different learning environments, including classrooms and homeschooling.


We understand the importance of parental involvement in a child’s education. Our worksheets come with guidance for parents, making it easier for them to support their child’s learning journey.

Assessment Tools

Included with these worksheets are assessment tools and answer keys, allowing parents and educators to monitor a child’s progress and identify areas for improvement.