simple machine worksheets.

simple machine worksheets.

Simple machines are basic mechanical devices that make it easier to perform work. There are six main types of simple machines:simple machine worksheets


A lever is a rigid bar that pivots on a fixed point called a fulcrum. It helps you lift or move heavy objects with less effort. Examples include a seesaw, crowbar, and the handle of a wheelbarrow.

Wheel and Axle:

This consists of a wheel attached to a rod (axle). When you turn the wheel, the axle rotates with it, making it easier to move objects. Examples include a car’s wheels, a doorknob, or a bicycle.


A pulley is a wheel with a groove that a rope or chain runs through. It helps to lift or lower objects by changing the direction of the force. Examples include flagpoles, window blinds, and some types of cranes.

Inclined Plane:

An inclined plane is a flat surface that is slanted at an angle. It allows you to move objects up or down with less force. Examples include ramps, staircases, and slides.


A wedge is a triangular-shaped tool with a sharp edge. It is used to split, cut, or lift objects apart. Examples include a knife, an axe, or a doorstop.


A screw is an inclined plane wrapped around a cylindrical post. Turning the screw causes it to move along the post, making it useful for holding things together or lifting them. Examples include screws, bolts, and jar lids.

These simple machines are the building blocks of more complex machines and systems. They are fundamental to understanding how tools and mechanisms work to make our daily tasks easier.