Skip counting patterns by eight worksheets

Skip counting patterns by eight worksheets

Skip counting is an essential mathematical skill that helps students understand patterns within numbers and lays the foundation for more advanced math concepts. These “Skip Counting by Eight Worksheets” are designed to make learning skip counting by eights engaging and fun for students of various ages and levels.

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Worksheet Content:

Counting by Eights Chart

This worksheet begins with a visual chart that demonstrates the skip counting pattern by eights. It shows numbers in a sequence: 8, 16, 24, 32, and so on. Students can use this chart as a reference throughout the worksheet.

Fill in the Blanks

In this section, students are presented with incomplete sequences, and they must fill in the blanks by counting in eights. For example, they might be given “8, __, __, 32, __, 56” and must complete the sequence.

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Circle the Correct Numbers

Students are presented with a list of numbers, and they must circle the numbers that follow the skip counting pattern by eights. This activity helps reinforce their recognition of the skip counting pattern.

Connect the Dots

This fun and interactive activity involve connecting dots to reveal a hidden picture. To connect the dots correctly, students must follow the skip counting pattern by eights.


Word Problems

Real-world word problems are included to apply skip counting by eights in practical scenarios. For example, “If each week has 7 days, how many days are there in 4 weeks? Use skip counting by eights to find the answer.”

Coloring Activity

This creative activity allows students to color a picture based on a skip counting pattern. They will color sections of the picture according to the numbers they get when counting by eights.


  • Skill Reinforcement: These worksheets provide ample opportunities for students to practice skip counting by eights, reinforcing their understanding of this important mathematical concept.
  • Visual Learning: The inclusion of charts and visual elements helps students grasp the skip counting pattern more easily.
  • Problem Solving: Word problems encourage critical thinking and the application of skip counting in real-life situations.
  • Engagement: Interactive activities like connecting the dots and coloring keep students engaged and motivated while learning.
  • Progress Tracking: Teachers and parents can use these worksheets to track a student’s progress in mastering skip counting by eights.


Skip counting by eight worksheets are valuable resources for educators and parents looking to support students in building strong mathematical foundations. By regularly practicing skip counting through these worksheets, students will not only improve their skip counting skills but also develop important mathematical fluency and problem-solving abilities. After learning Skip counting patterns by eight worksheets students will get a good benefit .