Mental Math Level 1

Mental Math Level 1 encompasses various skills suitable for children aged 6 to 9. These skills include:

  1. Counting On
  2. Counting Back
  3. Counting On or Back
  4. Double the single digit number
  5. Ten to teen
  6. Plus One Fact
  7. Plus Two Fact
  8. Plus Three Fact
  9. One more than a number
  10. One less than a number
  11. Two more than a number
  12. Two less than a number
  13. one more or less than a number
  14. Two more or less than a number
  15. One and Two more or Less than a number
  16. Skip Counting by One
  17. Skip Counting by Two
  18. Double Plus One More Group
  19. Skip Counting by One, Two or Three

These skills are designed to be easily comprehensible and engaging for children in the specified age range, allowing them to develop their mental math abilities effectively.

mental math level 1